Whitehall Specialties is grateful to our local first responders. So, when Whitehall Volunteer Fire Department Chief Jeremiah Pientok issued a plea for donations to replace the department’s 20+ year-old number 1 Fire Engine, we eagerly offered our support. As a key partner in the community, we felt deep satisfaction in being able to step up and donate $50,000 to the Whitehall-Town of Lincoln Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. 


The Fire Department’s old number 1 Fire Engine was relegated to reserve status because, although meticulously maintained, it no longer met National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. Due to its age, there were also skyrocketing maintenance costs. A new engine, which costs in excess of $500,000, would meet NFPA standards and increase firefighter seating capacity, enabling greater firefighting capability. 


For WSI, this is an unprecedented investment in our local Whitehall community and the wellbeing of our employees who live here. As Chief Pientok said, “For our fire department, there is no such thing as a false alarm. Every call we respond to, every fire alarm activation, every carbon monoxide alert, could mean the difference between life and death.” 


If you live in the Whitehall area, you’ll be able to recognize the new Number 1 Engine by the Whitehall Specialties logo painted on its side. A special thank you to Chief Pientok and the Whitehall-Town of Lincoln Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, for this lasting public acknowledgment.


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