Whitehall Specialties, Inc. recently launched a new look and identity for its brand which included a logo, tagline, website, and various marketing and communication tools.

“We’ve refreshed our look to bring more energy to the Whitehall brand and, in turn, more excitement to our employees and customers,” said Michael Baroni, president and CEO. “We believe these changes better reflect the way we do business and the commitment we have to helping our customers achieve their goals.”

The company spent the last several months developing a five-year strategic plan- taking an honest self-evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses. “Our plan builds upon our exceptional ability to develop unique, customized solutions that meet our customers’ needs better than anyone else in the industry,”Baroni stated.

Whitehall’s new tagline is “Unlimited Cheese”. “With our focus on non-standardized processed cheese products and our unparalleled range of cheese styles and configurations, food processors, retailers and food service operators can rely on us for unlimited ideas, unbelievable functionality and unprecedented service,” Baroni added. “Our new tagline really says it all.”

Whitehall Specialties’ customers and partners can expect to receive the same attentive customer service, speed to market, price stability and uncomplicated relationships that they have come to expect. “We’ve built our business on these qualities. And, that approach will never change,” Baroni said.

Whitehall Specialties is a world leader in the production of a broad line of processed cheese products, cheese blends, substitutes and imitation/analog cheeses ranging in style from soft to hard cheeses. Its products are sold in multiple configurations to the food processing, retail and food service industries. The company excels at product customization to meet the unique needs of its customers. It operates three SQF certified manufacturing facilities with two in Whitehall, Wis. and one in Hillsboro, Wis.