Cheese Market News reports on Whitehall’s increased ability to meet demand

Even before Americans began staying at home and consuming significantly more processed cheese slices than anticipated, Whitehall Specialties was growing capacity and reducing its lead times for its popular individually wrapped slice (IWS) products. Those fortuitous actions were described in this Cheese Market News article.    “We’ve invested millions in equipment and talent to expand […]

Top 5 Sellers in Foodservice

Foodservice providers know how to dish up recipes that customers crave. They also know that taste, functionality and price are key considerations when selecting ingredients for these recipes. That’s why they turn to Whitehall Specialties for their cheese product needs. Whitehall’s cheese products can be used in any number of menu item favorites like pizza, […]

Pizza Expo Trends Point to Plant-Based Cheese Products

Dave Kelsey left the International Pizza Exposition in Las Vegas last month feeling very good about the prospects for plant-based cheese products. “I left the show excited about the tangible progress we are making industry-wide toward something quite revolutionary,” Kelsey, Chief Operations Officer at Whitehall Specialties, said. “I’d say we are 75% there as it […]


Whitehall Specialties’ SQF Level 3 certification is one example of the company’s dedication to safe, quality food. That dedication was recently highlighted with the completion of a shelf life study that successfully extended the shelf life of six different loaf products. “We received requests from our international customers to extend the shelf life of some […]

Overcoming Application Challenges with Non-SOI Cheese

Standard of identity (SOI) cheeses have limitations that prove challenging when it comes to formulating a variety of prepared food applications. From price fluctuations and taste challenges to performance limitations, food scientists and formulators have their work cut out for them due to the fact that, by definition, SOI cheeses limit formulators’ degrees of freedom […]


Nearly 2,500 cheese industry leaders, suppliers and manufacturers gathered in Madison for the Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference (WCIC), organized by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association and the Center for Dairy Research. One of the most influential conferences affecting the industry, the event is a great opportunity to observe important trends. Steve Lutzke, Technical Sales Manager, […]


Whitehall Specialties earned third place with its White Cheddar Ranch entry in the “Pasteurized Process Cheese Spread” category at the 2017 United States Champion Cheese Contest – its highest placing ever in the competition. The White Cheddar Ranch received 98.90 out of 100 possible points. The company was also awarded 6th place for its Cheddar […]

RSPO CERTIFIED: Committed to Sustainability

  Unparalleled Commitment to Sustainability Whitehall Specialties has been busy working with its customers to phase out any Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs) in compliance with the FDA’s removal of any PHOs from its GRAS category. As a result, the company has incorporated Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) as its preferred trans-fat free fat source option, […]