Foodservice providers know how to dish up recipes that customers crave. They also know that taste, functionality and price are key considerations when selecting ingredients for these recipes. That’s why they turn to Whitehall Specialties for their cheese product needs.

Whitehall’s cheese products can be used in any number of menu item favorites like pizza, pasta, dips, salads and subs. With more than 200 base cheese recipes and unbeatable customization options, foodservice providers have unlimited choices. But there are a few products that appeal to the foodservice sector time and time again.

In no particular order, here are our top 5 sellers in foodservice:

White American Blended Loaf Product 236

Melt it, shred it, or slice it – this versatile White American Blended Loaf gives foodservice providers the flexibility to add an unbeatable cheese flavor to almost any application on the menu. Use it as a base for a queso dip, blend it into a rich mac & cheese sauce, or melt into your favorite Mexican dishes.

American and White American SOS Products 280/281 and 250/251

Two of our American Pasteurized Process Cheese Products and White American Pasteurized Process Cheese products are always a hit in the foodservice industry with their efficient and user-friendly slice on slice configuration. These slices make for a tasty addition to hoagies, burgers, grilled cheese and omelets.

Imitation American Pasteurized Process IWS 704

Like our SOS products, the convenience of individually wrapped Sandwich Slices are a favorite among street vendors, food trucks, and short-order delis. They’re perfect for serving up cold subs, club sandwiches, or hearty breakfast sandwiches.

Unflavored Imitation Cream Cheese 851

Our Unflavored Imitation Cream Cheese comes in 30 lb. blocks or 5 lb. loaves, and offers a delicious alternative to natural cream cheese. It is a wonderful base to blend with other ingredients to create scrumptious cheese cakes, bagel spreads, and pastry fillings.

EZ Melt Imitation Cheddar Cheese Shred 543 and Pasteurized Process Salad Bar Shreds 544

Our EZ Melt Imitation Cheddar Cheese and our Pasteurized Process Salad Bar Shreds are ideal for a variety of applications. Sprinkle the EZ Melt on top of pizza or in layers of lasagna and enjoy the melty goodness it provides. The Salad Bar Shreds perform amazingly on an all-day buffet, adding appealing color, texture, and flavor to fresh salad offerings.

Not only are these products tasty and versatile, they are all trans-fat free.

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