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Whitehall Specialties rode its innovative Gouda products to an award-winning performance in the 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest recently.

The company recorded two 5th place finishes and a top 10 honor in two different categories, according to Steven Lutzke, Technical Sales Manager of Whitehall Specialties. The ‘Old World Gouda’ placed fifth in the Pasteurized Process Cheeses category, while its ‘Natural Smoked Gouda’ took the same prize in the Pasteurized Process Cheeses, Flavored category.

“We’re especially happy with the results because we took a chance entering Gouda when most of the competition took a more conventional route with American,” Lutzke said. “Plus, this was our first entry in to a World Competition, so we’re pleased with the outcome. We create consistent, high quality products and our scores demonstrate that.”

The contest entry scores were:

“We also took an outside-of-the-box approach to submitting our contest entries. Gouda typically comes in a wheel form, while most pasteurized process cheese entries are presented in a loaf. We wanted to take our product to the next level and incorporated the wheel form into our final product presentation.”

While not available in stock, the Gouda products put the company’s versatility and capability to create custom, artisan cheese products on display. Contact Whitehall Specialties for more information on our complete Gouda style product line.

The Pasteurized Process Pepper Jack Cheese Food placed Top 10 in this year’s World Champion Cheese Contest and Top 5 in last year’s U.S. Cheese Contest where it achieved a score of 98.05. With over 70% of natural pepper jack cheese and ZERO trans fat, this mild and creamy, versatile product is great for cold, melted or sauce applications. Samples of Whitehall Specialties 0214 Pasteurized Processed Pepper Jack Cheese Food are available upon request.

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