In case you missed this Gouda news

Gouda News

Whitehall Specialties has a new line of loaf-style analogue cheese products including Gouda-style loaf that resembles the taste and functional characteristics of  natural Gouda cheese.

CEO Steve Snyder talks about plant-based innovation with

Proving that NewFields Plant-Based Cheese understands what hungry consumers want, CEO Steve Snyder said during a recent interview that matching the familiar taste, texture and appearance of dairy cheese is important to those who are choosing plant-based cheese options.    In this in-depth interview with, a leading international food and beverage media company, Snyder […]

Cheese Market News reports on Whitehall’s increased ability to meet demand

Even before Americans began staying at home and consuming significantly more processed cheese slices than anticipated, Whitehall Specialties was growing capacity and reducing its lead times for its popular individually wrapped slice (IWS) products. Those fortuitous actions were described in this Cheese Market News article.    “We’ve invested millions in equipment and talent to expand […]

Taco Bites

1 small onion, quartered 1 green pepper 1-2 garlic cloves, minced 1 T butter 1 lb ground beef 1.25 oz taco seasoning 4 cups baking mix 3/4 cups water 1 can refried beans 3 slices Whitehall Specialties 250 Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product 8 oz sour cream 1 tomato 1 T fresh cilantro 1/2 cup Whitehall Specialties […]