Specialty Cream Cheese

8 oz. Whitehall Specialties 851 Imitation Cream Cheese
1 cup Greek Yogurt, plain

14 oz. can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 quart fresh Strawberries
2 Limes, squeezed

1/3 cup sugar
10 Waffle Cone Bowls

Beat the Whitehall Specialties Imitation Cream Cheese and yogurt until smooth.  Gradually mix in the sweetened condensed milk.  Stir in the lime juice.  Puree half the strawberries and sugar together in food processor.  Fold pureed strawberries into the cream mixture.  Scoop 1/2 cup into each waffle cone bowl.  Freeze about 2 hours until set.  Garnish with remaining Strawberries and any desired ice cream toppings.
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Some employees at Whitehall Specialties enjoying their ice cream break!


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