Every day is about understanding and managing the numbers for Whitehall Specialties’ new Chief Financial Officer Dan Groskreutz, who joined the company in July.

“We look at financial indicators such as overall company profitability, profitability by product, and customer profitability to help understand how the company has been performing, and to manage its future. We also monitor non-financial metrics to drive performance and meet objectives.”

 Dan said that Whitehall Specialties is well-positioned to capitalize on opportunities, focusing on making the company the supplier of choice for its customers, a good partner for its suppliers, a great place to work for its employees, and a good investment for its owners.

“We have goals in these areas, and using objective measurements helps us understand how we’re doing and where we need to concentrate.” 

Dan is also focused on internal customers, as the Information Technology group works on reliability, speed, and application tools and solutions for the company’s computing needs, and the Human Resources group manages employee benefits, performance evaluation, and career development processes. “Also, the HR group, led by Rhonda Noonan, is currently focused on a critical initiative to attract and retain a high quality workforce, as this is central to our growth plans.”

Dan also keeps track of other numbers, such as managing the company’s insurance needs, tax planning and compliance, and financing.



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