Your cheese products, your choice
At Whitehall Specialties, we make solving your cheese challenges our priority.


In record time, our in-house R&D, test kitchen and manufacturing experts work diligently with you to create unique custom cheese substitutes, blends, and imitation cheese product that exceed expectations and fall within your budget.

  • Custom cheese formulations and flavors
  • Replicate taste, functionality of existing cheese with reduced cost product
  • Incorporate controlled melt
  • Modify stretch/texture properties
  • Improve shelf life
  • Customized to integrate with your manufacturing equipment

R&D lab

Unparalleled Research & Development. At this very moment, Whitehall culinary scientists are hard at work in our state-of-the-art Research & Development laboratory creating new analog cheese products for our customers. Customizing unique blends of natural and imitation cheese to your specifications is what we do best. We have over 200 operating formulas of non-standardized cheeses available.
  • Unparalleled development capabilities
  • Batch-to-batch consistency

Test kitchen

Cheese Products – Tested and Approved.

The Whitehall Specialties Test Kitchen is an extension of our R&D lab. Here we incorporate our cheese products into actual food preparation to deliver real-life application and palate-pleasing samples that meet your exact cheese specifications.

  • Create and sample representative products
  • Compare various cheese samples
  • Discover new uses for existing cheese products


Please visit our blog for recipes straight from our Test Kitchen.