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Whitehall Specialties delivers unlimited cheese offerings through the broadest line of non-standardized cheeses available in the industry. With over 200 base recipes, and world-class customization capabilities, we work diligently to meet your unique requirements for functionality, shelf life, flavor, color, texture, packaging and even cost and price stability.

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Cheese types


Cheese product

Whitehall Specialties Cheese Product is a non-standardized processed and pasteurized cheese made from natural cheese and other wholesome ingredients.

Wide variety of cheese styles including American, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Monterrey Jack and Parmesan Customized to meet your particular needs.

Why use cheese product instead of natural cheese? The difference comes from the other wholesome dairy and non-dairy ingredients that we cook in with the natural cheese to enhance its functionality, stability, shelf life, nutritional profile and cost structure.

Cheese Product can be customized to meet your particular needs. Natural cheeses, because of their standards of identity, cannot. They are what they are, whether they meet your needs or not.

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Imitation cheese

Whitehall Imitation Cheeses closely mimic their natural counterparts but do not follow the standards of identity that are imposed on natural cheese producers.

Nearly all standardized cheeses start from milk. When making natural cheese, the protein is separated from the milk through various cultures and enzymes and formed into cheese. That protein is called casein.

Many of Whitehall Specialties’ imitation cheeses start with dried casein. But, since they are not made directly from milk, they must be labeled as imitation.

Dried casein enables us to incorporate other wholesome dairy and non-dairy ingredients to improve the functionality, stability, shelf life and cost of our imitation cheeses.

Imitation Cheese applications include:
Salad bar shreds
Sandwich slices
Pizza toppings
Italian toppings

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Cheese substitutes

Whitehall Specialties’ cheese substitutes are equivalent to their natural counterparts in terms of basic nutritional values but can be enhanced to provide numerous health benefits such as reduced sodium, lower fat, lactose or trans-fat free, vitamin fortified, and higher in protein. All of our cheese products can be custom formulated to meet your specific application.

Typically Cheese Substitutes are used to meet nutritional specifications required by Food Nutritional Services (FNS) or Child Nutritional (CN) programs.

Food Service cheese applications include:
Schools – macaroni & cheese base
Correctional institutions – individually wrapped sliced cheese for sandwiches
Health facilities – salad bar shreds


Cheese blend

Cheese blend Our Cheese Blends are a combination of natural and imitation cheeses, ranging from 50 – 90% imitation cheese. They combine the best properties of both to deliver superior taste, performance and cost.

To meet your specific application, Whitehall Cheese Blends are available in block, shredded or dried & grated forms.

Cheese Blend styles include:
Co-Jack shred
Pizza cheese
90/10 cheese blends
Parmesan style toppings
And many more

Cheese Styles

Cheese styles

We are headquartered in Whitehall and have three manufacturing plants within 100 miles of each other – each specializing in different areas of expertise. Our state-of-the art R&D customization lab and test kitchen enables us to turnaround delicious, custom samples quickly.

Cream Cheese

Pepper Jack

Queso Fresco
And more



Blocks & loaves

Blocks and loaves are available in cheddar, cream cheese, mozzarella, american, and other custom flavors. Loaves are 5 pounds, while blocks can be ordered in 20, 30 or 40 pounds.

Available Cheese Styles:
Cream Cheese – 30 lb. blocks only
Mont Jack
And other custom cheese flavors

Packaging Options
Loaves – 5 lb.
Blocks – 20, 30, or 40 lbs.

Common Cheese Applications:
Fresh and Frozen Pizza
Frozen entrees and pocket
Cheese Sauces and Soups
Queso Dips
Mac ‘N Cheese
Salad and Pimento spreads
Salad bars
Cheese Breads
Tacos, Burritos, and Quesadillas

Slices: IWS, SOS

Whitehall Specialties processed cheese slices are available in a wide variety of standard cuts and styles including Individually Wrapped Slices (IWS) and Slice On Slice (SOS). From horizontal ribbon or staggered stacks to pullman style and vertical, we’ll help you deliver the taste your customers crave.

Cheese Styles:
American White
American Cheddar
Jalapeño Swiss
And other custom cheese flavors

IWS Packaging Options:
17, 19 and 21 gram cheese slices
Retail and 30 lb. bulk packaging

SOS Packaging Options:
40, 72, 108, 120, 160, 184, 200, and 240 count pre-sliced loaves
Horizontal and Pullman configurations

Common Applications:
Hot and Cold Sandwiches
Grilled Cheese
Other cafeteria applications


Shredded & diced

Shredded cheese and diced cheese configurations are available in several styles, including custom. We also offer a variety of bag sizes and pouch package options.

Available Cheese Styles:
Blue Cheese
Co-Jack and Tex-Mex
And other custom cheese flavors

Packaging Options:
8 oz. and 16 oz. bags
2, 5, and 20 lb. bags

Common Cheese Applications:
Frozen entrees


Dried & grated

Dried and grated cheese products for use in many applications, including 50-pound, lined boxes.

Available Cheese Styles:
Other custom cheese flavors

Packaging Options:
50 lb. lined boxes
Customized sizes upon request

Common Cheese Applications:
Pizza toppings
Frozen entrees

Healthy products

At Whitehall Specialties, we make healthy, tasty! That’s because our product development teams work with you to create healthy cheese products that incorporate your specific nutrition requirements and deliver superior taste.

We also can custom manufacture private label and branded cheeses that serve a variety of specialty markets. What’s more, we can enrich your cheese products with additional calcium or fiber.

Choose Whitehall Specialties for better tasting, high performance cheese substitutes and alternatives.

No cholesterol, no lactose & no trans fats

Contact us to learn more about our approach to delivering delicious cheese products that meet dietary requirements or preferences.

Zero trans fat
Cholesterol free
Dairy free
Lactose free

Low Protein
Low/reduced fat
Low/reduced sodium



Plant-based with real cheese taste

Our NewFields division makes plant-based cheese from natural plant protein sources. Just as shreddable. Just as meltable. Just as flavorful. But better for you and the planet.