Even before Americans began staying at home and consuming significantly more processed cheese slices than anticipated, Whitehall Specialties was growing capacity and reducing its lead times for its popular individually wrapped slice (IWS) products. Those fortuitous actions were described in this Cheese Market News article


“We’ve invested millions in equipment and talent to expand IWS capacity by 15 million pounds annually,” CEO Steve Snyder told the publication. “We’ve also hired more skilled labor talent and increased the size of our sales staff to give our customers the superior attention they deserve.” 


The article also describes how the changes in leadership at Whitehall Specialties have led to a new level of optimism and innovation within the company. 


Whitehall Specialties now has more than 200 formulas available for many processed cheese product types including those meeting specific dietary requirements such as dairy-free, lactose-free, low/reduced sodium, reduced fat, Kosher and Halal.

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