Two recent plant enhancements enables Whitehall Specialties to complete a broader range of product orders more quickly. Dave Kelsey, COO, explained the company installed a new, fully automated IWS line with capability to process 2,000 slices per minute, while running 24 hours a day, five days a week. The new line – (Natec) – can handle eight to 48 slice packages in six to 32 pound boxes.

“This is the latest and greatest. It’s the best technology in the world for individually-wrapped slices,” he said. “This is our second line of this kind. It’s exciting because it gives us the ability to produce even more consistent and uniform slices and packages than we could before.”

Kelsey said the new line can slice, wrap, package, palletize and prep orders for shipping automatically.

“All we have to do manually is pick up the pallet with a fork truck and send it on its way.”

He also discussed a $3.5 million plant expansion underway at the Hillsboro facility. This expansion will be dedicated to Whitehall’s new hybrid products line, bridging the gap between analog and standard of identity cheeses that we are trying to replace or duplicate.

“This should provide another tool in our toolbox.”

“We’re investing in our future as a company through lean manufacturing, automation and just keeping up with technology.”

“We’re doing this for the company, but we’re also ensuring that we have the capacity to help customers capitalize on their opportunities, too.”


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