Wholesome cheese products.
Wholesome values.
Ornua Ingredients North America is a Wisconsin-based cheese company located in the heart of the Midwestern United States. For generations, the Midwest has been known for people with strong values and an unparalleled work ethic.

Our beliefs

Safety – employee well being is #1
Quality – we take pride in our products
Teamwork – none of us is as smart as all of us
Integrity – we get the right results the right way
Initiative – we are people of action
Responsibility – we hold ourselves accountable
Perseverance – we never give up
Leadership – we walk the talk

When you work with us you’ll see our values in action, even when you aren’t looking.

Working together

Team is not just a term we bandy about, it is really who we are. Every team member is committed to our customers and to each other. We all know that without our customers we are out of business and without teamwork and personal accountability we’re out of customers.

Our team takes great pride in learning, solving problems and seeing our customers succeed. We want to be the best at what we do and have what we do matter to our customers and their customers. Our team strives every day to keep on winning. It’s who we are and what we do.


Our main location is in Whitehall and have three manufacturing plants within 100 miles of each other – each specializing in different areas of expertise. Our state-of-the art R&D customization lab and test kitchen enables us to turnaround delicious, custom samples quickly.

Ornua Ingredients North America Whitehall West
Ornua Ingredients North America Whitehall West

Specializing in block, shred, diced, dried, grated and NewFields plant-based cheese. The original plant, and home of our fully-equipped test kitchen and customization lab, includes a variety of ovens and innovative lab-scale equipment to replicate both the production process as well as customers’ own baking conditions, reducing turnaround time for custom orders. Our corporate offices are also at this location.
Ornua Ingredients North America Hillsboro
Ornua Ingredients North America Hillsboro

Hillsboro is where some of our unique innovations are produced like cream cheese, alfredo sauce base, dry blends and our new parmesan line.
Ornua Ingredients North America Whitehall East
Ornua Ingredients North America Whitehall East

Specializing in Individually Wrapped Slices (IWS), Slice on Slice (SOS), loaves and ricotta applications. This new facility is complete with state-of-the-art processing equipment, conference rooms, additional office space and its own Quality Assurance Lab.
Ornua Ingredients North America Slippery Rock
Ornua Ingredients North America Slippery Rock

This fourth manufacturing facility is the company’s first out-of-state plant. The acquisition of the property, buildings and equipment provides additional capacity as the company meets the growing demands of its customer base both domestically and internationally. The plant, operating 24/7, will produce a variety of lines for Whitehall, including IWS and dried and grated.