We offer unlimited analog cheese styles

Whitehall Specialties recently responded to customer demand by expanding its loaf line offerings and capabilities. Scheduled to launch in early fall, the new line features processing equipment that will broaden Whitehall’s already impressive library of cheese products with enhanced product offerings, increased capacity, new packaging capabilities and increased shelf-life.

“Previously customers were limited to five pound loaves, with the new equipment, a variety of cheese styles will also be available in new two pound loaves,” said Dave Kelsey, Whitehall Specialties Chief Operating Officer. “The new loaf sizes will allow us to compete in a whole new segment, think of Velveeta-style products and the sizes currently out in the market. We look forward to sharing this new offering with our customers and expanding our market share.”

This new, fully-automated line will also increase production capacity and help the company subsidize its workforce.

“Current employees have nothing to fear, this automation helps us fill the gaps in our workforce while also increasing our throughput by 30%,” Kelsey added.

Another significant benefit of the new line is its high-tech packaging with customizable graphics. The new packaging material is a high-density polypropylene plastic with a hermetic seal.

“This new barrier film provides increased shelf-life while also allowing us to apply custom graphics and artwork.” Kelsey said. “We’ll now be able to produce these new and improved pouches in-house, enhancing our Private Label capabilities at a lower cost to our customers.”

 “The new loaf sizes are ideal for product sampling, too” said Valerie Pierzina, R&D Test Kitchen Manager at Whitehall Specialties. “We’re excited to add another layer of product customization for our customers.”

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