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Imitation Cheese.

Whitehall Imitation Cheeses closely mimic their natural counterparts but do not follow the standards of identity that are imposed on natural cheese producers.

Nearly all standardized cheeses start from milk. When making natural cheese, the protein is separated from the milk through various cultures and enzymes and formed into cheese. That protein is called casein.

Many of Whitehall Specialties’ imitation cheeses start with dried casein. But, since they are not made directly from milk, they must be labeled as imitation.

Dried casein enables us to incorporate other wholesome dairy and non-dairy ingredients to improve the functionality, stability, shelf life and cost of our imitation cheeses.

Imitation Cheese applications include:

  • Salad bar shreds
  • Sandwich slices
  • Pizza toppings
  • Italian toppings
Our imitation cheese products are the best in the industry

Whitehall Imitation Cheese delivers great value for a variety of applications.

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