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Undeniably Nutritious Cheese Substitutes.

Whitehall Specialties’ cheese substitutes are equivalent to their natural counterparts in terms of basic nutritional values but can be enhanced to provide numerous health benefits such as reduced sodium, lower fat, lactose or trans-fat free, vitamin fortified, and higher in protein. All of our cheese products can be custom formulated to meet your specific application.

Typically Cheese Substitutes are used to meet nutritional specifications required by Food Nutritional Services (FNS) or Child Nutritional (CN) programs.

Food Service cheese applications include:

  • Schools – macaroni & cheese base
  • Correctional institutions – individually wrapped sliced cheese for sandwiches
  • Health facilities – salad bar shreds
Substitute Cheese Products

Cheese Substitutes from Whitehall offer greater nutritional content for your Food Service applications.

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