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Team Whitehall is not just a term we bandy about, it is really who we are. Every Whitehall Specialties’ team member is committed to our customers and to each other. We all know that without our customers we are out of business and without teamwork and personal accountability we’re out of customers.

Our team takes great pride in learning, solving problems and seeing our customers succeed. We want to be the best at what we do and have what we do matter to our customers and their customers. Team Whitehall strives every day to keep on winning. It’s who we are and what we do.

Meet the Team

Director of Human Resources

Rhonda Noonan

Rhonda Noonan, Whitehall Specialties’ Director of Human Resources, notes that the company’s greatest asset is its amazing people. There is such a life fabric at Whitehall; everyone is very welcoming.” Most recently with Caterpillar®, Rhonda is putting the knowledge she gained throughout her 20 year HR career toward building programs that will make sustainable differences for the current and future workforce at Whitehall Specialties. Noonan said good employees need to be rewarded. “Performance measurements enable clear and standard effort toward successful outcomes, making it clear why someone should want to work at Whitehall.”

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